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'Royal wedding' dance video goes viral

Doug Gross
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Royal wedding dance party
  • Online ad spoofing British royal wedding racks up about 4.6 million views on YouTube
  • T-Mobile ad features look-alikes of Prince William, Kate Middleton and others dancing down aisle
  • Ad recalls a Minnesota couple's 2009 wedding-party dance that became a YouTube smash

Editor's note: For all the latest royal wedding news, visit's Unveiled blog.

(CNN) -- If the real royal wedding looks anything like this one, it'll more than live up to all the hype.

In an online video now making the rounds, T-Mobile imagines the pending nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton through the lens of viral video royalty.

In it, royal family look-alikes boogie down the aisle to boy band East 17's "House of Love."

Charles and Camilla do the bump, a moderately amused-looking Queen Elizabeth claps conservatively and Prince Harry looks amped up, grooving with a gaggle of bridesmaids before his big brother and bride-to-be appear.

"One's life is for sharing," reads text at the end of the video before the T-Mobile logo appears.

The ad, which was uploaded Friday to YouTube, had racked up about 4.6 million views by Monday morning.

It's a riff on "JK Wedding Entrance Dance," a Minnesota couple's real 2009 wedding processional that became a YouTube smash, scoring more than 64 million views.

The spoof video, which The Guardian calls "the latest bit of shameless Wills 'n' Kate bandwagon jumping," is the most recent in a series of viral-style marketing spots by T-Mobile.

The video was filmed at St. Bartholomew the Great Church in London (which U.S. movie buffs may recognize from 1994's "Four Weddings and a Funeral.")

Louie Spence, a British choreographer and reality TV judge, reportedly choreographed the spoof and can be seen on a second video mock-critiquing the dance styles of the various "royals."

A T-Mobile spokesman told London's Daily Mail that the video is "a congratulatory message to William and Kate, as well as a way of capturing the nation's celebratory mood."


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