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I'm a celebrity, rent my island!

By George Webster for CNN
  • Rent a private island for an exclusive getaway
  • Bruce Willis, David Copperfield and Keith Richards all rent out their private property
  • Private resort planned for Tahitian island that was refuge for Marlon Brando

(CNN) -- Looking for your own piece of paradise? When it comes to exclusivity, it's hard to beat vacationing on a private island.

And if you've got the cash, there's almost limitless possibilities. But for the ultimate in seclusion and no-holds-barred indulgence, consider sailing to a hideaway owned by a celebrity.

From the private getaways of Richard Branson to Marlon Brando, the celebrity cachet of these four islands add a unique spin to the typical luxury holiday.

Necker Island

Could Richard Branson, British billionaire founder of the Virgin empire, have chosen a more suitably named location for his island home than the British Virgin Isles?

Sitting in turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs, Necker has played host to everyone who's anyone: from pop divas Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson to internet tycoon Larry Page who reportedly had his wedding there.

Having slowly built it up from little more than a humble collection of bamboo huts, the island is today everything you'd expect from a billionaire's tropical playground.

The hub of Necker is the Great House -- a vast Balinese style lodge that features a master bedroom with panoramic views and a private outdoor Jacuzzi.

The island has multiple infinity pools, tennis courts and a gym, as well as 60 full-time staff, including a team of watersports instructors (whose help may be especially required when operating the "Necker Nymph" -- a sub-aquatic diving jet-ski).

The island could be yours, as well as up to 27 of your best friends, for just $54,500 a night -- including free meals, drinks and wireless internet.

Renting an island not just for the rich

Musha Cay

For a magical experience -- quite literally -- billionaire illusionist David Copperfield will rent out his private slice of the Bahamas for just $37,500 a day.

Coming in at a little over twice the size of Branson's Caribbean cove, Copperfield's Musha Cay only has half the servants, but don't let that put you off.

For a start, where else can you swim with the sharks and, five minutes later, be playing pool on conjurer legend Harry Houdini's original billiards table?

On his website, the minted magician boasts that a "private sun warms your face and private waves lap your feet." And when Copperfield says private, he means seriously private.

Musha Cay is shielded by 10 further islands, collectively known as "Copperfield Bay," bought specifically to enhance privacy. Meanwhile, the island's main lodging -- the 10,000-square-foot Highview -- has its own private beach and pier. The island even has its own private airstrip.

Outfitted with the inevitable array of mod-cons -- a beachfront air-conditioned gymnasium, business center, free-form freshwater swimming pool on the ocean and night-lighted tennis courts -- Musha sleeps up to 24 guests across 12 bedrooms with, of course, 22 golf carts to ferry them about.

Parrot Cay

Want to take a nap in Bruce Willis's bed? Sniff Keith Richard's cutlery? Then head to the private island of Parrot Cay in the Turks and Caicos.

Admittedly, there's a chance you may have to share the island with, gasp, some strangers -- as it's not possible to rent the entire island. However, a host of celebrities own homes here, and they're all up for rent if you've got the cash.

One night on Parrot Cay will cost you anywhere from $545 for a modest-sized room (not owned by a notable celebrity), to $25,000 for a night in U.S. fashion mogul Donna Karan's beachfront property, "The Sanctuary."

Easily trumping both Musha and Necker at 1,000 square acres, Parrot Cay (formerly named Pirate Cay, before the owners thought better of it) is only accessible by boat, so yacht owners are preferred.


Tucked away among a group of islands in French Polynesia, slap bang in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is a private atoll that was once the island kingdom of one of the 20th century's most celebrated and enigmatic film stars: Marlon Brando.

Tetiaroa consists of 13 white sand islets encircled by a coral reef which, from above, appears to shimmer like a turquoise amulet.

Brando discovered the island while scouting film locations for "Mutiny on the Bounty" in 1960 and bought it six years later. It soon became a refuge from the fame he increasingly eschewed.

With his Tahitian wife Tarita, Brando built a hotel on the island in 1973 -- which was operational until his death in 2004. Today Tetiaroa's sole inhabitant is 48-year-old Simon Teihotu Brando, the great actor's son, who now works as the island's caretaker.

While little remains of Brando's legacy -- the original airstrip and hotel have fallen into disrepair -- plans are underfoot for a private eco-luxury resort named, you guessed it, "The Brando."