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Kenyan politician thrown out of parliament for earrings

From David McKenzie, CNN
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Kenyan MP fails dress code
  • The young lawmaker is known for his flashy dressing
  • He has been nicknamed Sonko, slang for a rich man
  • He is admonished and asked to leave the session
  • Kenya
  • Kenyan Politics
  • Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya (CNN) -- A young Kenyan lawmaker known for his flashy dressing was kicked out of parliament this week after he showed up wearing sunglasses and earrings.

Gidion Mbuvi attended a parliament session in a pale suit. An uproar ensued when lawmakers questioned his accessories, which included earrings on both ears and aviator sunglasses.

"I'm representing the youth in this house," Mbuvi said at the session Tuesday. "I think the honorable members should concentrate on constituencies instead of interfering with me."

Other lawmakers concurred while others slammed his attire.

"In the history of this world since God created the world, men have never imitated women," said Bifwoli Wakoli, the assistant minister of lands.

Mbuvi was admonished and asked to leave the session.

"The speaker vehemently says that the way the honorable Sonko is dressed today does not depict, in the eyes and opinions and the conscience of the chamber ... a dress befitting the dignity of this house and a member of parliament," said Farah Maalim, the deputy speaker. "You will remain out of the house until you are dressed properly."

The controversial member of parliament represents the capital Nairobi.

His flamboyant dressing has earned him the nickname Sonko, a Swahili slang for rich man.