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Where is the Internet most popular?

Source: Internet World Stats

  • Nordic countries dominate the top 10 list for highest online presence
  • At least 97% of people in Monaco and Iceland are online, according to Internet World Stats
  • China has 485 million Internet users, but that's only about a third of its entire population

Editor's Note: Each Friday, CNN will examine statistics or world rankings to show how countries and territories compare with one another. Who's the best? Who's the worst? And where does the United States fit in? You'll find those answers in our Country Comparisons series.

(CNN) -- Nearly 2.1 billion people -- about 30% of the world's population -- use the Internet, according to the most recent data compiled by

That's more than five times the amount of people who were online at the end of the year 2000.

The most Internet users are in China and the United States, but China's 485 million users account for only 36.3% of the country's population. The Internet is much more common in the U.S., where its 245 million users make up 78.2% of the population.

The most wired countries in the world are Monaco and Iceland, where at least 97% of people are online.

Nordic countries, in general, stand out for their high online presence. Norway is third on the list, behind Iceland with 94.4%. Sweden (92.4%), Greenland (90.2%), Denmark (85.9%) and Finland (85.2%) are also in the top 10.

At the bottom of the list are mostly poor African countries, including Liberia, Ethiopia and Somalia.

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