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CNN journalist injured in attack near Sirte

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Fighting in Libya injures reporter
  • An anti-Gadhafi convoy comes under fire
  • A rocket propelled grenade attack wounds a CNN producer
  • Ian Lee gets treated for shrapnel in his leg
  • Libya
  • Moammar Gadhafi

Tripoli, Libya (CNN) -- A Libyan revolutionary fighters' convoy came under attack Saturday on the outskirts of Sirte, the birthplace of Moammar Gadhafi, injuring a CNN journalist who was traveling with them.

Ian Lee was treated for shrapnel in his ankle in a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attack. He was in good spirits and was able to speak with his family by phone.

Lee was with a CNN team traveling with anti-Gadhafi fighters and other journalists towards Sirte, where fierce fighting unfolded again Saturday. The revolutionaries have been met there with stiff resistance from loyalists.

From a roundabout on the edge of the city, where revolutionaries have been amassing, the CNN team followed fighters heading north towards the sea to evacuate civilians, said CNN correspondent Phil Black, who was with Lee.

For an unknown reason, one fighter began shooting his gun, causing others also to shoot. Soon after, the convoy started taking incoming fire. At first it was small arms, quickly followed by RPGs.

Two vehicles near the CNN team were hit by at least two RPGs.

The CNN journalists pulled back, rushing Lee to nearest field hospital, Black said. At least one anti-Gadhafi paramedic was killed in the same attack. It was not immediately clear whether there were other casualties.

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