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One of five Colombian hostages is released by FARC

By the CNN Wire Staff
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FARC releases hostage
  • Councilman Marcos Baquero was kidnapped in 2009
  • He has been held in the jungle by the FARC
  • The remaining four hostages are expected to be released soon

(CNN) -- Colombian politician Marcos Baquero was released by the FARC Colombian rebel group after one year and seven months of captivity, according to CNN affiliate Caracol TV.

"My first words are for my wife and my children, who I love very much," he said.

Baquero was the first of five hostage releases expected by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. He was a councilman from the town of San Jose de Guaviare.

"A kidnapping is something difficult for the person in the jungle as much as for those who stay at home," Baquero's wife, Olga Lucia Tao Ibarra, told CNN en Español. "The person who is in the jungle is risking his life, but those of us at home, not knowing anything about him, waking up night and day not knowing his whereabouts, that's very hard."

FARC hostage freed, more expected

When he was kidnapped, he had a 2-month-old baby. The child is now nearly 2 years old.

The FARC is a leftist guerrilla group that has been at war with the Colombian government since the 1960s.

Four other hostages are expected to be released on Friday and Sunday.