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Thousands left homeless by Brazil rain

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Two people died when they were buried by a mudslide
  • Parana state was the hardest hit
  • Seven others died in Rio do Sul

(CNN) -- Ten people died and more than 8,000 were left homeless in southern Brazil after heavy rain began pelting the area Friday, civil defense officials from three states reported. The rain had mostly moved out of the area by Monday.

Two of those who died were buried Sunday in a mudslide caused by rain in Parana state.

In Parana, more than 23,000 people were affected by the rain, and at least 8,453 people were left homeless, civil defense officials said. More than 2,700 homes were destroyed by the weather, the agency said.

Mudslides blocked some major highways in the state, but authorities managed to clear some by Sunday night.

In the neighboring state of Santa Catarina, one death was reported, officials there said. The victim was driving a car that fell in a river on Saturday and was not recovered until Monday, civil defense officials said. The driver had drowned.

Earlier, seven people lost their lives in Rio do Sul state, civil defense officials said.

Two people remained missing, one in Parana and one in Rio do Sul, officials said.