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Brazilian school shooter described self as loner

By the CNN Wire Staff
  • Videos of the gunman were obtained by a Brazilian news show
  • Wellington Menezes de Oliveira says that bullying was not the only cause
  • He says he visited the location before the shooting

(CNN) -- A pair of homemade videos of the gunman who killed 12 students at a Rio de Janeiro school last week reveals an outcast whose rampage may have been triggered by bullying.

The Brazilian news show "Jornal Nacional" exclusively obtained the footage.

In a clip broadcast by the program, Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, 23, stands in front of a gray wall, speaking straight into the camera in a low voice.

"The fight that many brothers in the past have died for and that I will die for is not exclusively because of what is known as bullying. Our fight is against cruel, cowardly people who take advantage of kindness, innocence and weakness of people unable to defend themselves," he said.

Menezes de Oliveira killed himself after being injured by a police officer's bullet. The mass shooting was a tragedy in Brazil, where school shootings are rare.

Five children remained hospitalized, the Rio de Janeiro state government said Wednesday.

Many questions remain unanswered about why the gunman targeted the Municipal School Tasso da Silveira, located in the northwestern Rio neighborhood of Realengo, a middle- and lower-middle-class area located between the Pedra Branca and Mendanha mountains.

Tasso da Silveira was Menezes de Oliveira's former school.

In one video, he explains how he changed his look in order to scope out "a location" beforehand, indicating that the shooting was premeditated.

"The brothers will notice that I shaved my beard. It was necessary, because I was already planning to go to the location to study, to find a way to infiltrate," he says. "I had already gone before, many months ago. I went, and I didn't have a beard then. I went to do an analysis."

He was at the location three days before the April 7 shootings, he says. Menezes de Oliveira also speaks of being alone.

"I practically don't have family, I live alone, I don't have anyone to give satisfaction to. But since I needed to go to the location and interact with people, to avoid attracting attention I shaved my beard," he said.

It was unclear how much other footage "Jornal Nacional" had that it did not air.

The shooting led Brazilian senate leaders to call for the reconsideration of the sale of weapons in their country. The last time the issue appeared on a referendum, Brazilians voted to allow the sales of guns. Now, senators want another vote to be held in October, where the issue will be put back on the table.

The bill to hold such a vote would have to be approved by both the Senate and the House before moving forward.

Two men who sold Menezes de Oliveira one of the weapons he used have been arrested.

How the school shooting may alter the public's view on gun ownership is unknown. But the incident has had a life-changing impact on the victims.

A father with three daughters at the school, one who was killed, said he is thinking about ditching Rio de Janeiro for a new start elsewhere, the state-run Agencia Brasil reported.

The pain of losing daughter Milena Nascimento is too large, the father, Valdir Nascimento, told the agency. His other daughters, who are 12 and 15 years old, escaped unharmed.

"My heart is broken. I'm trying to survive without her. I'm trying to go on with life. When I have to cry I cry very much. The entire family is traumatized, living on medication, mostly to calm us down," he told Agencia Brasil.