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Tijuana cops suspended over lap dance

By Nick Valencia, CNN
  • 15 officers allegedly forced a young woman to perform in exchange for her release
  • The incident was recorded on video
  • A Mexican newspaper made the video public
  • The officers have been suspended
  • Tijuana
  • Mexico

(CNN) -- Fifteen police officers in Tijuana, Mexico, were suspended after they were seen in a video allegedly forcing a young female detainee to perform a topless lap dance in exchange for her release, the coordinator for the city's communications department told CNN Tuesday.

Among those suspended was the district's chief of police, Raul Gomez Cana said.

"They will stay suspended until we decide what to do with them," he said.

Gomez did not provide further details, including why the woman was in custody.

The video of the act was made public by local newspaper El Mexicano. It was purportedly taped March 2, the paper reported on its website.

The video allegedly shows uniformed police officers forcing a woman to give them a lap dance. Still photos from the video show at least one officer groping a half-naked woman. Other photos posted on El Mexicano's website show uniformed police officers standing in the background as the woman stands half-naked in front of one of the other officers.