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'Extreme Science' and 'Green Pioneers' with Philippe Cousteau

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Extreme science in the Arctic Circle
  • CNN International will air "Extreme Science," exploring global warming in the Arctic, in July 2011
  • The documentary will be hosted by CNN special correspondent, Philippe Cousteau
  • Next up will be "Going Green: Green Pioneers," a week of special reports culminating in a half-hour show looking at people who are working to make a difference to the environment

(CNN) -- CNN International's "Going Green" is back for another series of special programming with "Extreme Science," a special one-hour documentary that will take viewers on a journey where scientists study global warming in one of the coldest places on earth.

Airing July 16 and 17 and hosted by special correspondent, environmentalist and explorer Philippe Cousteau, the documentary will showcase his journey to the Arctic and the significance of the science studied in the extreme conditions.

"Extreme Science" will be followed by "Going Green: Green Pioneers," the second installment of this year's green weeks, starting July 18, 2011. The week of special in-depth reports looks at the world's pioneers who are working to make a difference at the front lines of our world's environmental challenges.

The series culminates with "Green Pioneers," a half-hour program hosted by Philippe Cousteau. "Green Pioneers" focuses on the people who are using innovative ways to tackle today's environmental challenges.

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Watch on CNN International:

Extreme Science showtimes:

Saturday July 16 & 30:

Mexico City 08:00, 15:00, 19:00
New York/Miami 09:00, 16:00, 20:00
London 14:00, 21:00
Berlin/Rome 15:00, 22:00
Abu Dhabi 17:00
Hong Kong 21:00

Sunday July 17 & 31:

New York/Miami 05:00
London 10:00
Berlin/Rome 11:00
Abu Dhabi 00:00, 13:00
Hong Kong 08:00, 17:00

Going Green: Green Pioneers

Saturday, 23 July: 9am, 21:00 GMT
Sunday, 24 July: 10:00 GMT
Tuesday, 26 July: 11:30, 18:30pm GMT