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Remnants of Emily skirt Haiti, businesses reopen

By the CNN Wire Staff
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Tropical storm Emily downgraded
  • NEW: No rain is reported in Port-au-Prince despite threat of heavy flooding
  • Tropical Storm Emily degenerates into a low pressure system
  • Nearly 12,000 U.N. troops and police were on standby in Haiti

(CNN) -- Businesses reopened Friday in the Haitian capital after the threat of heavy rain and potential flooding from the remnants of Tropical Storm Emily failed to materialize.

"Everyone has gone back to work," said Yvetot Gouin from Port-au-Prince. "I was just downtown and everything seemed normal."

The dry day was a relief to hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in temporary quarters in the aftermath of the country's devastating 2010 earthquake.

Nearly 12,000 U.N. peacekeepers had been on emergency standby in the event of flooding and Thursday was declared a holiday in advance of the storm.

The United Nations had been making general preparations for the hurricane season when Emily threatened.

The government issued an alert advising residents that the storm's heavy rains could produce dangerous flooding and mudslides.

Tropical Storm Emily

The storm degenerated as it hit the mountains of Hispaniola Thursday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center said. All storm warnings were canceled as a result.

Haiti continues to recover from the devastating earthquake that rocked the island in 2010. A cholera outbreak that was magnified by Hurricane Tomas last November, killed hundreds and infected nearly 2,000 people, the United Nations said.

Many are worried flooding from heavy rains could renew the spread of the disease.

CNN's Jessica Gable and Ed Payne contributed to this report.