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Pakistan mosque blast wounds at least 19

From Mati Matiullah, CNN
  • Politicians are gathered inside the mosque at the time of the blasts
  • The blasts are 20 minutes apart
  • Politicians were discussing demands for dismissal of province's governor
  • Pakistan

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) -- A pair of explosions outside a mosque in eastern Pakistan Monday wounded at least 19 people, local officials said.

Members of parliament were gathered inside the Eidga mosque in Jalalabad to discuss their demands for the dismissal of the province's governor, when the explosions occurred, said Nasratullah Arsala, a provincial council member.

"The first explosion took place at 11:00 and the second explosion took place at around 11:20," said Ahmadzia Abdulzai, spokesman in the governor's office.

The wounded were transferred to a local hospital, according to a public health official.

Lawmakers have petitioned for the removal of Nanagarhar province governor Gulagha Sherzai for the last 15 days, accusing him of corruption, Arsala said.