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Watch the Royal Wedding with CNN

CNN's royal wedding coverage will be hosted by a stellar lineup including Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Cat Deeley and Richard Quest.
CNN's royal wedding coverage will be hosted by a stellar lineup including Piers Morgan, Anderson Cooper, Cat Deeley and Richard Quest.
  • Watch the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton live on CNN and CNN International TV
  • You can also see the wedding live on, while joining the debate on Facebook and iReport
  • The event will also be streamed on CNN apps for iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Look out for "CNN Presents: The Woman who would be Queen," a revealing look at Kate Middleton's fairytale romance hosted by Soledad O'Brien

(CNN) -- A Royal Wedding: The Marriage of William and Catherine.

CNN will provide extensive live coverage of the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton to its global audiences across TV, online and on mobile.

A special live program will be presented by Piers Morgan, Richard Quest, Anderson Cooper, Kiran Chetry and special contributor Cat Deeley on CNN/U.S. and CNN International.

Watch as the guests arrive at London's Westminster Abbey, where the couple will be married before traveling along the parade route Video to Buckingham Palace.

Our coverage begins at 4 a.m. ET, 9 a.m. London, 4 p.m. Hong Kong.

If you are not in front of a TV, you can watch the event live on Within the live video player you can also be part of the debate on Facebook and iReport.

And if you miss it first time, don't worry, we will be repeating the whole event on throughout Friday.

You will also be able to watch live via the CNN apps for iPhone and iPod touch, iPad and Android.

The actual wedding ceremony in London's Westminster Abbey beings at the following times:

3 a.m. in Los Angeles
6 a.m. in New York
10 a.m. GMT
11 a.m. in London
12 noon in Paris
2 p.m. in Abu Dhabi, UAE
6 p.m. in Hong Kong
8 p.m. in Sydney

Watch live coverage of the wedding on CNN/U.S. and CNN International:


CNN Presents: The Women Who Would Be Queen

A prince looking for love. A commoner destined to be queen. One family hoping to get it right this time around. All haunted by memories of a fairytale turned tragedy. A young girl thrust into the international spotlight, her world under a microscope, her life in danger.

Will this time be different?

Anchor and special correspondent Soledad O'Brien looks at the life of Catherine Middleton, the woman who will someday become Queen of the United Kingdom. Featured in the documentary are Jules Knight, close friend of the couple from the origins of their fairytale romance during their university days at St. Andrews, and Arthur Edwards, longtime royal photographer, who has chronicled the princes' entire lives during his 30-year career at England's The Sun newspaper. Edwards has captured the princes' childhoods, how they've coped with the tragic loss of their mother, and their transition into manhood. The documentary also explores the ways in which the future King and Queen have honored the life and legacy of Diana, Princess of Wales.

Saturday, April 30
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Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1
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