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The royal wedding in the land of Twitter

By Ed Payne and Catriona Davies, CNN
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Guests begin to arrive for royal wedding
  • NEW: There were 300 tweets per second using the Royal Wedding hashtag at the peak of the excitement
  • Tweets chronicle and comment on the royal wedding
  • Twitter posts marvel at and poke fun of the nuptials
  • Internet postings come from around the world

(CNN) -- The world of social media burst with excitement Friday as millions took to Twitter, Facebook and other sites to join a virtual wedding party for Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

At the peak, there were 300 tweets per second using the Royal Wedding hashtag, according to Tweetminster, a news platform which monitors activity on Twitter.

As Catherine stepped out of her car for the ceremony, nearly 9.4% of all tweets worldwide mentioned the word "wedding," according to Trendistic, which also monitors Twitter trends.

"I wish Kate & Willem the very best in their marriage! :)," Mark Kwakernaak of Rotterdam in the Netherlands posted on Twitter.

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For Americans, the royal nuptials meant a pre-dawn start to the day. For some, it conjured a bit of nostalgia.

"Yes, I set my alarm to wake up early to watch the #RoyalWedding," said Renee Nicole, who tweeted from northern Colorado. "I remember watching Prince Charles & Princess Diana's wedding, with my Mom." Much of the Internet buzz surrounded what gown Catherine would wear down the aisle. "I just can't wait to see the DRESS!" Stephanie Golangelo tweeted from Cleveland.

"More than anything, I wanna see Kate's dress!" echoed Mary Pranica of Minneapolis.

Celebrities also joined in the online excitement.

Victoria Beckham, a guest at the wedding with her footballer husband David, wrote on Twitter Thursday night: "London looks beautiful!!! We are so proud to be British!"

"London's looking delightful today! Flags at the ready!" wrote Harry Potter actor Tom Felton.

Television personality Joan Rivers joked: "I just read that the Royal Wedding is likely to have 2 billion viewers! Many of them will be air-traffic controllers watching at work."

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver wrote: "Royal wedding day !! national day off!! have a great day today guys, I hope it includes family, friends, bad dancing food and a little drink."

Former Spice Girl Mel B -- now living in Los Angeles -- said she was "getting sooo excited about the wedding, up at 5am to comment about it."

"Wake up Kath-eters!" comedienne Kathy Griffin wrote. "Wanna hear ur thoughts on all things royal wedding."

"Congrats to William and Kate ...and Kate's sister," wrote Justin Bieber, who is currently on tour in Sydney, Australia.

The wedding proved to be a bit of downer for those thinking they had a shot at one of the world's most eligible bachelors, while others decided to look at the bright side.

"Ladies, CALM DOWN u can still MARRY HARRY :)," Aditya Pratama of Jakarta, Indonesia, said on Twitter.

Lauren Demitry of Buffalo, New York, took a similar approach. "That's okay. I rather marry Harry anyways," she said.

While the Twitter feed for the royal wedding surged with dozens of comments a minute, not all of them were -- shall we say -- for family reading.

"Who gives a damn about the #RoyalWedding seriously?" was a frequently repeated post that can be shared.

Many marveled at the universal appeal of the event held at Westminster Abbey.

"Even my brother is keeping up with the #RoyalWedding more than me," tweeted Liana Borja of Guam.

As the wedding drew near, a "Runaway Bride" theme appeared. In the 1999 movie, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, a woman left a string of fiances at the alter.

"Speak now or forever hold your peace... 'Kate, damn it - run!'" Jo Garfein of northern California suggested on Twitter. "Now THAT would make the #RoyalWedding more interesting."

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