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Greek police fire tear gas at demonstrators

From Elinda Labropoulou, For CNN
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Greece's debt deepening
  • NEW: 20,000 people protest in the Greek capital
  • Protesters are angry about a government austerity plan
  • Athens got an international bailout in the face of huge debts

Athens, Greece (CNN) -- Police fired tear gas Wednesday at demonstrators in the Greek capital who were protesting the government's austerity plans.

About 20,000 people took part in the rallies and demonstrations across Athens, police said.

Five people were arrested and one police officer was slightly injured, authorities added.

The government is trying to slash budgets and bring the deficit down as the European Union and International Monetary Fund bail out the country.

Markets have been shaken by rumors that another bailout may be in the works, worth 60 billion euros ($86 billion).

Greece will be a key item on the agenda when European finance ministers meet in Brussels, Belgium, next week.