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Israel closes embassies over terror fears

From Michal Zippori, CNN
  • Four missions are completely or partially shut in the face of threats
  • Israeli Foreign Ministry does not say which embassies or consulates are closed
  • Israel warns about travel in countries including Egypt, Turkey and Venezuela
  • Israel

Jerusalem (CNN) -- Israel has closed all or part of four foreign missions in the face of terror threats, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.

"Our assessment at this point is that these sites are under threat, and this is being taken care of," the ministry said in a statement without identifying which embassies or consulates were affected.

"Unusual occurrences have been identified recently around a few Israeli missions abroad," the statement said. "The relevant Israeli authorities are in touch with relevant authorities in the countries concerned."

Israel's counterterror bureau also warned citizens to avoid Israeli and Jewish targets in Egypt, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania and Venezuela in connection with the anniversary of the assassination of Hezbollah figures Imad Mughnieg and Abbas Musawi.