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Bombs explode in Baghdad

From Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • NEW: Oil trucks are also attacked
  • The attacks occur in different Baghdad neighborhoods
  • One person is killed and 19 are wounded
  • Iraq

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(CNN) -- Five roadside bombs exploded in four Baghdad neighborhoods Wednesday morning, killing a civilian and wounding 19 others, the Interior Ministry said.

The worst attack occurred in the Ghazaliya neighborhoods when a roadside exploded outside Talib al-Edani's house , an official with the Sunni Endowment, a group that oversees Sunni religious sites in Iraq. Edani was wounded along with two other people.

A few minutes later, when Iraqi security forces arrived, another roadside bomb exploded, killing one civilian and wounding nine people, including five Iraqi soldiers.

In other incidents on the same day, at least two oil trucks were attacked by roadside bombs. One attack occurred about 20 km south of Baghdad, when an oil tank truck struck a roadside bomb. One person was hurt in that attack.

Another bomb in the Rustumiya area damaged an oil truck and wounded another person.