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Baghdad area erupts with violence on a bloody Monday

From Mohammed Tawfeeq, CNN
  • Gunmen storm home about 25 miles from Baghdad, Iraqi Interior Ministry officials say
  • The assailants kill six men and wound three women, officials say
  • Bombs explode outside three houses in different Baghdad neighborhoods, officials say

Baghdad (CNN) -- Monday was a scary day for Iraqis living in and around Baghdad, as people weren't even safe in their own homes.

For one family in the village of Zumbraniya, about 25 miles from the Iraqi capital, the evening was particularly deadly.

At least six gunmen stormed a house in that hamlet, killing six men and wounding three women, all of whom were related, officials with Iraq's Interior Ministry told CNN. The officials said Iraqi security forces were investigating and had not discovered a motive yet.

Back in Baghdad, improvised explosive devices detonated outside the houses of three high-profile people Monday morning, ministry officials said.

In southern Baghdad, a bomb planted outside the house of Razzaq Marzouq, a director general at Iraq's Industrial Ministry, exploded and killed one of his bodyguards and wounded three others.

Bahser Muhssan, the director general of the government-owned Iraqi Investments Board, apparently was also a target. Muhssan and a bystander were wounded in an explosion at his home in another part of southern Baghdad.

And in western Baghdad, a bomb exploded outside the home of Abed Majwal, killing him instantly as he left his house.

Majwal was a member of the Awakening Council, a consortium of paramilitary groups often composed of Sunni Muslims, who turned their rifles against al Qaeda after the terror group began indiscriminately killing Shiites and Sunnis. Many councils have been recruited by the U.S. military's "Concerned Local Citizens Program" to work against al Qaeda in Iraq and other militias.

Finally, in southwestern Baghdad, gunmen opened fire on an Iraqi police officer at a checkpoint and critically wounded him, making a total of two dead amd five wounded in the four Baghdad incidents, according to the ministry officials.