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Ambassador: CNN Report on Bahrain flawed

The CNN story is unbalanced and biased against The Kingdom. Most of the story relies on only one source for its reporting, the Bahraini Center for Human Rights, an organization that has repeatedly used false information to attack The Kingdom. This organization uses inflated figures and deliberately misinterprets events of the past.

The reporter of the story took a narrow view of what is going on in our Kingdom today, and did not show the demonstrable improvements that have been occurring in Bahrain in recent weeks.

Businesses and banks have reopened, students have returned to school and traffic is moving again.

Bahrain has been disrupted by those agitating to overthrow the government, but it is rebounding quickly.

For CNN to not show this side of the Bahrain's recovery is unfair to the law abiding citizens of the Kingdom. We hope that CNN will next time provide balance in its reporting, instead relying on biased groups with their own agenda.

Ambassador Houda Nonoo

Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United States