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A Federal Trade Commission website is taken down; Anonymous claims responsibility

The site,, provides information on cybersecurity matters

Anonymous is opposed to proposed anti-piracy legislation

Washington CNN  — 

A website managed by the Federal Trade Commission on Tuesday became the latest government site taken down by individuals calling themselves Anonymous.

The website,, is designed to inform Internet users on cybersecurity matters.

“The FTC takes this malicious act seriously. The site has been taken down and will be brought back up when we’re satisfied that any vulnerability has been addressed,” FTC spokeswoman Cecelia Prewett said.

Individuals claiming to be part of Anonymous have also attacked websites of other government agencies in recent days to register their opposition to anti-piracy legislation being considered by Congress.

The individuals claim they will “wage a relentless war” against Internet restrictions, disrupting dozens of websites if laws to limit online piracy are approved.

A scheduled vote in the Senate last week was delayed because of intense opposition from activists in the online community.

The hacker collective Anonymous has also targeted governments in Europe for backing an anti-counterfeiting trade agreement.