Story highlights

A tanker was heading to a NATO base when it veered from a road and caught fire

The flames spread to a van carrying Afghans, killing seven of them

The crash was not the result of an attack, a police official said

Kabul, Afghanistan CNN  — 

A fuel tanker ran of the road and burst into flames in southern Afghanistan on Friday, killing seven people, according to a local police official.

The tanker was heading to a NATO base when it left the road and rolled over in the Panjwai district of Kandahar Province, said Sardar Muhammad, the chief of police in Panjwai.

A fire broke out in the vehicle and spread to a nearby van full of Afghan people. Seven of them were killed – including two women, Muhammad said.

He said the crash was an accident and not the result of an attack.

Journalist Ruhullah Khapalwak and CNN’s Nick Paton Walsh contributed to this report.