Samsung to unveil the next Galaxy phone on May 3

To top the Tegra 3 powerhouses from HTC, Samsung's  next Galaxy phone will have to be packed with something spectacular.

Story highlights

  • The launch of the next Galaxy smartphone is slated for May 3 in London
  • Invitations for the launch tease the idea: "Come and meet the next Galaxy"
  • Samsung may reveal the much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung has started sending out invites for the launch of the next Galaxy smartphone, which is slated for May 3 in London.

The invite doesn't give any details about the upcoming device(s) -- it merely says "come and meet the next Galaxy."

However, we know that the company plans to reveal Samsung Galaxy S III, which was rumored to be launched at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, but Samsung decided to move the launch to a later date.

In any case, Samsung will have to show something truly spectacular if it wants to top the Tegra 3 powerhouses from HTC.

What features/specs would you like to see in Samsung Galaxy S III? Share your opinions in the comments.

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