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        Eye On The Philippines

      • eop baby factory _00003204

        Philippines' 'baby factory'

        CNN's Anna Coren visits one of the busiest maternity wards in the world, where an average of 65 babies are born each day.
      • Cultural mix makes edgy art

        After paying five homeless people to chew 700 pieces of gum, Louie Cordero began to wonder what he had undertaken in the name of art.
      • Life not so sweet

        The Philippines has vowed to decrease child labor by 75% by 2015, saving the futures of child workers in sugar cane.
      • Surviving a pirate attack

        Being held hostage by pirates is something sailor Antonio Plaza Orozco will never be able to forget.
      • Dancing from poverty

        Jessa Balote is 14-years-old and training to be a professional ballerina in Manila. She must also support her family.
      • Science vs. religion

        The first modern science and natural history museum has opened in the devoutly Catholic country.
      • Opinion: Cleaning up graft

        For several months now, Filipinos have been treated to the spectacle of yet another impeachment trial aired on national television.
      • Boxing against the odds

        Filipino boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao may be an eight-time world champion but he didn't have the skills to make it as an amateur.