Poland in pictures

        Eye on Poland

      • Katarzyna Biniek captured this image of a spectacular light show at a fountain in central Wroclaw during her time as a student in the city. Wroclaw is known as Poland's "little Venice," she says, and "captures the modern, fun face" of the country.

        iReport: The best of Poland

        From stunning light shows to the natural wonders of the country, take a look at your best shots from Poland.
      • Sacred sales

        Once just a cassock, a cross and a chalice was all that was needed to equip a church, now the world of liturgical accessories is a big business.
      • 'Fracking' potential

        Poland may be sitting on a vast, but controversial, natural resource that could make it energy independent.
      • Polish pony uniting Europe

        A small Polish wild horse that was used in Nazi experiments has become the center of wetland regeneration efforts across Europe.
      • Poland in numbers

        How many bison roam free in Poland and what percentage of the population are Catholic? All will be revealed.
      • Transforming Polish food

        To create the future of Polish cuisine, chef Wojciech Amaro looked to the 16th century for inspiration.
      • Picture this

        From castles and primeval forest to medieval cathedrals get a pictorial history of the country.