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E3 2012: 5 mobile games to watch for

In "Demons' Score THD," players will take control of Serenity, a college girl who can be possessed by various demons.

Story highlights

  • E3 is becoming a prime stage for game publishers to showcase new mobile titles
  • Here are five games worth checking out when they hit mobile devices later this year
As mobile games migrate to powerful smartphones and tablets that are becoming direct competition to portable gaming devices such as Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita, the E3 convention has become a prime stage for game publishers to showcase new titles.
Mobile games are becoming a bigger part of many game makers' plans as gamers will soon be able to access game franchises through multiple screens.
According to the new study "The Evolution of Video Gaming and Content Consumption" from PricewaterhouseCoopers, gamers -- like the general consumer population -- are becoming multitaskers. Respondents who play mostly on consoles reported spending time on mobile phones as the activity that most frequently occupies their time while gaming.
The rise of mobile experiences such as Rovio Entertainment's "Angry Birds Space" and Disney's "Where's My Water" has introduced a whole new audience to gaming.
Here are five games worth checking out when they hit mobile devices later this year:
'Reign of Amira,' Snapdragon, 2012
"Reign of Amira."
The mobile technology company has developed this third-person perspective fantasy action game to showcase its Snapdragon S4 Pro processor.
The game puts players in control of the sexy boots of Princess Amira, who's out to hack and slash her way through enemies to retain the lost glory of the Desert Kingdom.
The Android game, which plays like a console arcade experience, will be available for free later this year.
'The Amazing Spider-Man,' Gameloft, summer 2012
"The Amazing Spider-Man."
Gamers will be able to swing into action this summer as Spider-Man in the first open world mobile game.
Although it's licensed from the Sony Pictures 3-D movie, the developer has crafted a solid follow-up to "Ultimate Spider-Man: Total Mayhem," which is also worth checking out.
Fans of the PlayStation 2 "Spider-Man 2" game will see how far mobile has come as they seamlessly maneuver Spidey through the city, battling super villains and thugs along the way.
'Infinity Blade: Dungeons,' Epic Games, 2012
"Infinity Blade: Dungeons."
The latest installment in the iOS "Infinity Blade" franchise, which has already raked in more than $30 million, is actually a completely original undertaking. From the development team behind "Gears of War," "Dungeons" is a combination dungeon crawl and fantasy action game.
With an overhead perspective that will be familiar to "Diablo III" fans, players seek revenge on the deathless by learning how to build an Infinity Blade.
Along the way there are dozens of different types of enemies to kill with simple touch controls and a very deep customization offering.
'Dead Trigger,' Madfinger Games, summer 2012
"Dead Trigger"
The developer behind the "Samurai" and "Shadowgun" franchises turns its attention to horror with a first-person shooter perspective. After a virus has turned the world into zombies, the only way to survive is with bullets.
With a pedigree of fun action arcade experiences, Madfinger Games continues to blur the line between mobile and console experiences.
From its spectacular environments to its frenetic action pace, gamers will be coming back for more undead fun while on the go.
'Demons' Score THD,' Square Enix/iNiS
Developer iNiS continues to explore new mobile ground with truly unique interactive experiences such as the strategy game "Eden to GREEEEN."
Its latest offering, "Demons' Score," is a rhythm action shooter. Players will take control of Serenity, a college girl who can be possessed by various demons.
With the ability to fly through levels, players will shoot at various creatures to the tune of original music. It's an interesting blend of genres that serves up short bursts of addictive fun.