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By the numbers: Presidential predictions

By Amy Roberts, CNN Library
November 2, 2012 -- Updated 1649 GMT (0049 HKT)
  • 60 - Percent of sales received at a Halloween store for the President Barack Obama mask
  • 40 - Percent of sales received at the same store for the Mitt Romney mask
  • 59 - Percent of votes Obama has received in the 7-11 contest as of October 31
  • 9 - Nuts eaten out of Romney bowl by an election-predicting squirrel vs. 5 from Obama bowl

(CNN) -- With national polls and polls in many of the battleground states essentially tied just days before November 6, the winner of the presidential election is anybody's guess. So, by the numbers, here's a look at some offbeat predictors of presidential elections:

62.1 - Percent of sales of the President Obama "Chia" planter, as of October 23.

37.1 - Percent of sales of the Mitt Romney "Chia" planter as of October 23.

80 (4 out of 5) - Percent of Family Circle magazine Presidential Cookie Bake-off winners who became first lady after her husband won the election. (Cindy McCain was the one winner who was a loser.)

54 - Percent of the recipes in the Family Circle Presidential Cookie Bake-offs that include chocolate chips.

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16 - Elections in a row, from 1936 until 1996, where the incumbent party stayed in office if the Washington Redskins football team won at home in their last game before the election. (The so-called Redskins Rule didn't apply in 2000, 2004 and 2008.)

60 - Percent of sales received at the Spirit Halloween seasonal store for the President Barack Obama mask.

40 - Percent of sales received at the Spirit Halloween season store for the Mitt Romney mask.

8 out of 9 - Correct predictions of the winner by the General Cinema movie theaters' "StrawVote" polls from 1968 until 2000. The last year of the poll, moviegoers chose Al Gore to win.

16 - States, mostly in the upper Midwest and in the South, which are unable to participate in the "7-11" convenience store "7-Election" coffee cup poll, because there are no "7-11" stores there.

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59 - Percent of votes President Barack Obama had received in the 7-11 contest as of October 31.

51 - Percent of voters in the Scholastic Student Vote who voted for President Barack Obama.

Students choose Obama in Scholastic mock election

45 - Percent of voters in the Scholastic Student Vote who voted for former Gov. Mitt Romney.

10 - Times since 1908 a National League baseball team has won the World Series during an election year.

67 - Percent chance Democrat Barack Obama will win the election since a National League team won the World Series, according to Major League Baseball.

33 - Percent chance Republican Mitt Romney will win the election, according to the MLB.

4 - Games played in the World Series in 2012. The National League's San Francisco Giants won this year, sweeping the American League Detroit Tigers.

1 - Number of times famous Pennsylvania groundhog Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow during an election year.

Romney tries to put Pennsylvania in play

1 - Number of times Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Groundhog Day in 2012.

9 - Nuts eaten out of his Mitt Romney bowl by Gnocchi, the election-predicting pet squirrel from South Carolina, versus five eaten from his Obama bowl. Gnocchi correctly picked Obama to win in 2008.

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