Anti-Morsy protesters vow to continue

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  • Egyptian president's assumption of new powers has sparked protests
  • The protests turned into violent clashes with Mohamed Morsy supporters
  • Opposition leaders say they're willing to talk with Morsy if he withdraws his decree
  • iReporters have sent in powerful photos and videos of the protests

Violent protests have rocked the Egyptian capital, Cairo, in recent weeks following President Mohamed Morsy's decision to expand his presidential powers last month.

The president and his supporters from the powerful Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist factions have argued that the move was essential to protect the country's recent revolution.

However anti-government protesters viewed the move as a power grab, and have clogged the city's streets fighting pitched battles with pro-government demonstrators ahead of the country's vote on its new constitution on December 15.

We asked for photos of the protests, and Egyptians responded with powerful images, documenting what many of them say is a challenge to the country's young democracy.

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Tensions in Egypt turn deadly

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    Tensions in Egypt turn deadly

Tensions in Egypt turn deadly 02:27

"People fear that this could be the birth of a new dictator," frequent iReporter and anti-Morsy protester Ahmed Raafat told CNN.

"The people (anti-Morsy protesters) chant: 'This time we're serious, we won't leave the revolution to anyone.'"