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Champagne glasses and buttons galore: Obama swag at Inaugural store

By Alyssa McLendon, CNN
January 18, 2013 -- Updated 2151 GMT (0551 HKT)
At two for $5, buttons are the most popular item at the store. "Everyone wants a button to have a piece of the day," Marketing Director Meaghan Burdick said. At two for $5, buttons are the most popular item at the store. "Everyone wants a button to have a piece of the day," Marketing Director Meaghan Burdick said.
'A piece of the day'
Limited edition
Warm up
Everyday use
Pinning hopes on Obama
  • The official Inaugural store is in downtown D.C., a short walk from the National Mall
  • Memorabilia reflects theme of the 57th Presidential Inauguration: "Our People, Our Future"
  • Customers can snap up shirts, mugs, blankets, buttons and socks
  • Special-edition poster designed by photorealist Chuck Close goes for $100

Washington (CNN) -- If you are celebrating President Barack Obama's Inauguration this year, there's a button for that.

First dog Bo buttons, first lady Michelle buttons, Joe Biden buttons, "Hail to the Chief" buttons and, of course, Obama buttons litter the tables of the Presidential Inaugural Committee 2013 Official Store.

The retail outlet opened on Friday just blocks from the National Mall, where a throng is expected to gather on Jan. 21 for Obama's official swearing-in to a second term.

The store is appropriately decked out with a blue floor and stars and stripes on the walls for the 57th Inaugural.

Obama's smiling likeness beams through the glass storefront on a special-edition poster designed by photorealist Chuck Close.

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Close is a well-known supporter of the Obama campaign and last September he put up for sale 10 tapestries based on different images of the president. Asking price: $100,000 apiece. This time, the Close poster is limited to 2,013 prints and retails for $100.

Buttons are an Inaugural standby and they're always big sellers.

"Everyone wants a button to have a piece of the day," Marketing Merchandising Director Meaghan Burdick said at the store's sneak peek this week.

In 2009, the top five items sold were buttons. This year, they are two for $5 and can be bought on site or online.

Customers can also snap up t shirts, mugs and shopping bags of other memorabilia -- all said to be Made in America.

There are champagne glasses for toasts, and donkey shaped cookie cutters from the Democratic National Convention for politically themed snack preparation.

And if temperatures in Washington ever return to their usual January cold, there are throw blankets. Don't forget an extra pair of socks, too!

To really mark the ceremonial occasion: The official Inauguration medallion set goes for $7,500, but only online.

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Burdick said the Presidential Inaugural Committee tried to find creative ways to incorporate the theme of the Inauguration, "Our People, Our Future," into the merchandise.

Run by the committee, proceeds will help fund other events like the Inaugural parade and ball.

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