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Michelle Obama's eye roll: What was she thinking?

Michelle Obama eye roll at Boehner?

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    Michelle Obama eye roll at Boehner?

Michelle Obama eye roll at Boehner? 00:41

Story highlights

  • President Obama and House Speaker Boehner's relationship has become contentious
  • Michelle Obama was seated between the two at inauguration luncheon on Monday
  • First lady's apparent eye roll while Boehner was talking to her husband set Internet abuzz
  • Tell us what you think she was thinking

If President Barack Obama's relationship with House Speaker John Boehner was contentious in the past, he certainly wasn't showing it while the two sat at the head table of a congressional lunch following Monday's inauguration.

The two appeared to have a lighthearted exchange that prompted an apparent eye roll from first lady Michelle Obama, who was seated between them.

Was it something Boehner said that prompted the reaction? He tapped her shoulder while she ate her lunch.

Or was it something the clearly amused president said?

Or maybe it was something both of them said.

Maybe it was her lunch.

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But because there's no audio from the exchange, it's hard to tell what prompted the reaction that caught fire on the Internet.

We thought we'd leave it up to you. What do you think the first lady was thinking?

Let us know in the comment section below.

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