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New F1 tires aim to increase overtaking

Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli say a redesign of their tires aims to make Formula 1 even more exciting in 2013.

Story highlights

  • Italian tire manufacturer unveils new tires for upcoming Formula 1 season
  • Softer compounds and new constructions to increase overtaking and pit stops
  • Tires will officially make 2013 debut at testing in Jerez, Spain at beginning of February
  • First F1 race of season is in Melbourne, Australia on March 17

Changes to tires will make Formula 1 racing faster with more overtaking in 2013, according to the sport's official tire supplier Pirelli.

Unveiled at the Italian company's headquarters in Milan on Thursday, the new look tires include softer compounds and new constructions which could lower lap times by up to 0.5 seconds, the company says.

Pirelli say the objective of the changes to the "P-Zero" dry weather tires and the wet "Cinturato" range is "to improve performance and increase thermal degradation, to ensure at least two pit stops per race and open up more strategic options for all the teams."

Paul Hembery, Pirelli's motorsport director said in a statement: "The goal is to continuously set new challenges for the drivers and to ensure that all the teams start the new season on a level playing field when it comes to the tires."

"Through accumulating more information with each grand prix last year, the teams eventually fully understood the tires, after a spectacular start with seven winners from the first seven races. The result at the end of the year was races with less competition and sometimes only one pit stop. This phenomenon was also observed in 2011, disappointing many fans ... " he added.

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"Our 2013 range of tires mixes up the cards once more to help overtaking and ensure two to three pit stops per race."

Color changes to the tire sidewalls have also been made with orange replacing silver to denote hard compound tires.

Pirelli say the teams were given the chance to sample the new compounds during free practice in Brazil last November but the tires will make their official debut at Formula 1 testing in Jerez at the start of February.

The first race of the new season gets underway in Melbourne, Australia on Sunday March 17.