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This week on Marketplace Middle East: 21 February

A young boy searches through refuse for sellable items in a garbage dump in Sadr City, Iraq

Story highlights

  • Despite having fourth largest oil reserve in world many Iraqis still living in harsh poverty
  • Families in Baghdad's Sadr City turn to garbage dumps to look for items to sell
  • MME talks to Lebanese PM about how war in neighboring Syria is affecting his country


As Iraq emerges as the world's fourth largest oil reserve in the world, the country's leaders are hoping their wealth can provide a decent living to its citizens, but for many living in Baghdad's Sadr City, the dream of a better life is far from becoming true. Men, women, children pushed by poverty, spend their days scouring the dumps looking for things to sell. From plastic bottles to aluminum cans, one man's trash has become another man's treasure. In Iraq it is a crucial lifeline for a number of families.


With the ongoing Syrian civil war, Lebanon is continuing to feel the ripple effect. With clashes in Tripoli and fighting on the borders, the country is struggling to maintain stability. The UN estimates the number of Syrian refugees to have crossed 200,000. MME sat down with Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati and asked him how the war next door is affecting Lebanon, in particular its economy.


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