Why spend $1,500 for these glasses?
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Google has posted more information about how its Glass product works

Google Glass is a Web-connected wearable headset that can shoot photos or video

Commanding the headset is as easy as uttering the words "OK, Glass"

Google also launched a contest seeking creative uses for Google Glass

What would it be like to wear Google Glass? Google answered that very question Wednesday morning, posting a lot more information about Project Glass, including the user interface, through a series of photos and videos.

You can see the UI and some of the features of Glass here, although the images don’t quite capture the exact experience. The headset doesn’t actually have lenses in front of your eyes, just a small screen (viewable via a mirrored glass block) above and to the right of the wearer’s right eye.

As such, the point-of-view images that show a large action window in the center of the field of view are a little misleading.

Still, the photos, posted on Google’s Project Glass website, show more about how Glass works than any photo of the hardware could convey.

Google Glass won't likely be available to consumers until 2014.

This video shows even more: Commanding the headset is as easy as uttering the words “OK, Glass,” a clever use of real-world speech to engage the device’s listening mode.

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Once engaged, Glass is capable of taking photos, recording videos, looking up answers on Google, showing reminders (such as for a flight) and sharing whatever you’re looking at — either via messaging or through a Google+ Hangout.

As Google co-founder Sergey Brin himself revealed previously, Glass will also have an automatic picture-taking mode, snapping pics at a preset intervals (such as every 5 seconds).

Google also launched a contest with its own hashtag (#ifihadglass), challenging anyone to come up with creative uses for Google Glass that can be explained in 50 words or fewer. Winners will get the chance to buy their own, along with developers, when they become available. The price: $1,500, plus tax.

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