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Quest's low cost flying odyssey: How do airlines compare?

By Richard Quest, CNN
April 5, 2013 -- Updated 1759 GMT (0159 HKT)
  • CNN's Richard Quest is flying on low cost airlines around Europe
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Editor's note: Richard Quest is CNN's foremost international business correspondent and presenter of Quest Means Business. This weekend he is flying on low cost airlines around Europe. Tweet him what you want to know and watch Quest Means Business Monday at 1800 GMT on CNN International to hear what he found.

(CNN) -- It started out with a discussion about how low cost airlines are now the backbone of European aviation, and the different types of service and service they offer.

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It has quickly grown into something more ambitious. Six flights in two days. From London to Dortmund, Budapest to Rome, Copenhagen to Barcelona, and back to London. Six flights. Five airlines, all carefully timed to allow for delays and problems.

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The five airlines I will fly are easyJet, Ryanair, Wizz, Vueling, Norwegian (we couldn't really fit in any more in a weekend, the schedules didn't allow it). I will be tweeting along the way about whether the airline is on time, its service, the cost of a cup of coffee...and I will have my tape measure with me for that all-important leg room.

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So, do you have any other ideas of what I should be looking for? What would you like to know on this Low Cost Tour? Ask me @richardquest.

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