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Psy set to unleash Gangnam sequel to Koreans

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    'Gangnam Style' to 'Gentleman' for Psy

'Gangnam Style' to 'Gentleman' for Psy 01:06

Story highlights

  • New song is sequel to worldwide hit "Gangnam Style"
  • Psy worked with same music video team and choreographer behind his viral hit
  • First live performance will be on Saturday in front of 50,000 fans

Korean music sensation Psy will release his much-anticipated sequel to "Gangnam Style" Friday, giving fans the chance to hear it live for the first time the following night, according to his official Twitter account.

More than 50,000 fans are expected to pack Seoul's World Cub Stadium on Saturday to see "Gentleman," in a comeback performance that will also be streamed live on YouTube.

The concert comes against a backdrop of increasing tension in the region ahead of a possible missile launch by North Korea. However it's business as usual for many in the city.

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Neither the government nor the concert organizers are concerned about any additional security measures for such a massive gathering of people in a public space, and tickets have been selling fast.

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"The thought of danger never even occurred to me," said Seoul resident Sungoh Bang who plans on attending the concert with a group of friends.

    "Gentleman" and "Psy" were two of the most searched for keywords on South Korea's biggest online portal "Naver" Thursday, while Psy posted a snippet of his new dance.

    But fans and critics eager to see the rapper's new video in full will have to wait longer.

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    "We wrapped the music video shoot on Tuesday and it's in the editing phase right now," YG Entertainment public relations representative Hwang Min-hee told CNN. "It's rather difficult to say when it will be released because we don't know how long the editing will take."

    The music video was produced by the same team behind "Gangnam Style," and will feature K-Pop girl group member Ga-In of Brown-eyed Girls.

    The choreographer behind the outrageous horse dance also dreamed up the moves for "Gentleman."

    The music video for "Gangnam Style" was the most viewed clip ever on YouTube with a staggering 1.5 billion views.

    Meanwhile, we've asked friends to pick up some Psy neck pillows and other merchandised goodies at the concert on Saturday. A Psy eye mask set? MUST HAVE.

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