World seeks answers as Syria civil war evolves

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Story highlights

Obama says more information is needed before a decision on Syria

A rebel spokesman says recent blasts were set up by the government to garner sympathy

State-run TV calls Tuesday blast a "terrorist explosion;" no one has claimed responsibility

The blast took place a day after the prime minister survived a bombing on his motorcade

Damascus, Syria CNN  — 

The world is watching the situation in Syria transform before its eyes – with an uptick in bombings and allegations of chemical weapons use – but deciding what to do about it is no easy feat.

In the capital, there is less shelling and fewer fighter jets are seen in the air than in the past, but the streets are as empty as ever in the wake of recent bombings.

The increasing number of explosions is causing a lot of anxiety for Syrians, due in part to the fact that it’s not clear which side is behind the blasts.

The government blames “terrorists,” a designation that includes the rebels who are trying to bring down President Bashar al-Assad. The rebels accuse the government of bombing its own capital in a ploy for sympathy.

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