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By Peter Bale, Vice President and General Manager, CNN International Digital
June 26, 2013 -- Updated 1207 GMT (2007 HKT)
The new-look home international home page of
The new-look home international home page of
  • Update puts emphasis on the top stories, and adds more commentary and video
  • Recommendations of editors in Hong Kong, London and Atlanta will be more obvious
  • The voices of CNN correspondents around the world will be prominent
  • Judicious use of fonts allows differentiation between breaking news, features and analysis

London (CNN) -- CNN International is today refreshing the design of the home page to bring greater clarity and impact.

The new look for the international edition of aims to reinforce the CNN network as your source for breaking news, with rapid analysis from correspondents around the world.

This update to the home page is the first in a series to emphasize the top stories and add more commentary and video to explain "what's next."

You'll see a number of improvements to the navigation to make the day's top stories easier to identify.

Video from the CNN network will be more prominent.

Recommendations from home page editors in Hong Kong, London and Atlanta will be clearer in the editor's choice, and in collections like "5 stories not to miss."

The voices of CNN correspondents around the world will be prominent.

From a design point of view, some of the changes reflect trends emerging from our successful iPhone and iPad applications, with judicious use of fonts to add legibility and differentiation between breaking news, features and analysis. Design aficionados may wish to know the fonts are Helvetica for breaking and hard news, Georgia for analysis and features, and Arial for text.

As always, we welcome feedback to

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