The entrance gate of a foreign logistics company that was the site of a suicide attack in Kabul on Tuesday.

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NEW: Two civilians were among the dead

After a suicide truck bombing, attackers try to storm inside a Kabul compound

Two logistics firms that supply NATO-led forces operate inside the compound

The Taliban claim responsibility for the attack

Kabul, Afghanistan CNN  — 

Five suicide attackers killed seven people, when they struck a compound housing NATO suppliers in Kabul on Tuesday. They detonated a truck bomb and exchanged fire with security forces, the Afghan interior ministry said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack.

Four Nepali guards and one Afghan guard died at the compound along with two civilians, said ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi. Five more civilians were wounded, he said.

All of the attackers died.

One of the attackers blew up the truck bomb at the gate of the compound around 5.a.m. Tuesday, and the four others tried to charge inside, Sediqqi said. Their ensuing gun battle with Afghan security forces lasted more than an hour, he said.

Two international logistics firms that supply material to NATO’s International Security Assistance Force operate inside the compound. The area where the attack occurred is full of compounds used by logistics and transport companies.

Tuesday’s violence follows a series of recent high-profile attacks in Kabul.

Last week, a group of Taliban militants attacked the gate of the presidential palace, killing three guards. But security forces quickly repelled the attackers and killed all of them, authorities said.

The international coalition transferred security responsibility in the country to Afghan forces last month.