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A bite-size tour of Comic-Con

By Henry Hanks, CNN
updated 4:32 PM EDT, Thu July 25, 2013
The San Diego convention center is a flurry of activity for five days each July for the annual San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest fan convention of its kind in North America.
The San Diego convention center is a flurry of activity for five days each July for the annual San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest fan convention of its kind in North America.
  • San Diego Comic-Con is the largest pop culture convention in North America
  • People from all walks of life visit the convention every year
  • Take a tour of the convention with short video interviews from iReporters
  • At Comic-Con? Share your own mini-interviews at CNN iReport

(CNN) -- The annual San Diego Comic-Con, North America's biggest popular arts convention, is a gathering of fans and celebrities from all over the world.

Micro-video apps like Vine and Instagram were everywhere this year at the convention, and CNN iReporters took on the challenge of doing 15-second interviews with interesting people -- both famous and not-so-famous -- that they ran into during the long weekend.

The results, though not always exactly 15 seconds, were a snapshot of the many varying events and people who populate the Con each year.

From fans celebrating their favorite shows on Syfy, to the ever-growing phenomenon of cosplay, to the stars of the TV series "Impractical Jokers" talking about their favorite practical joke, Jack Black's cape, unusual hats, and yes, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stalking, here's a quick look at how the Con has evolved into a smorgasbord of pop culture.

Thanks to iReporters Joyce Chow, Christiane Elin, Lisa Hernke, James Lewis, Chris Morrow and Tony Perri for sharing their video interviews.

First, William Shatner confesses his most memorable (if not downright scary) fan moment to a group including Chris Morrow.

Meet just a few of the other celebrities who promote TV series at Comic-Con every year, as Christiane Elin interviewed Aisha Tyler and the "Impractical Jokers." (truTV is a Time Warner network, like CNN.)

Cosplay, short for "costume play," has grown in popularity at Comic-Con, as seen in this video from Tony Perri.

Jack Black spoke to Morrow about his love of the capes that came with the official Comic-Con bags.

Another example of the random encounters at the Con comes from Lisa Hernke and Christiane Elin (who spoke to "Haven" fan Jon Allen from Riverside, California).

TV's No. 1 show, "The Walking Dead," had a big launch at Comic-Con in 2010, and every year the show's elaborate booth outdoes itself. Perri and James Lewis checked it out.

The chance to play the Playstation 4 was one of the big gaming draws this year, as Morrow found out.

Stars of "Defiance" and "Impractical Jokers" talk at Comic-Con, in videos from Elin and Cherry Davis.

"The Incredible Hulk" himself, Lou Ferrigno, who has portrayed the character in live action and animation, is an annual presence at the Con. Perri spoke to him.

Davis and Elin present more favorite practical jokes and Kristen Hager from Syfy's "Being Human."

Where do cosplayers get their inspiration? Joyce Chow asked this man playing Wolverine.

Lewis attended the "Game of Thrones" panel when Emmy nominee Emilia Clarke spoke about her character.

Elin came across Los Angeles resident Nikki Renieris wearing a pineapple hat (unusual hats are prevalent at the Con) at an event for the TV series "Psych," and also interviewed cast members from "Lost Girl."

Ryan "Agent M" Penagos from Marvel Comics gave Morrow the rundown on their oversized booth this year.

Elin learned more about gaming at the Con from Konami's John Choon, and met Ksenia Solo from Syfy's popular "Lost Girl."

Comic-Con spokesman David Glanzer discussed the past and future of the convention with Morrow.

Perri shot video of the ferry ride to the Con from his home of Coronado, California.

Andrew Garfield was in costume as Spider-Man for his panel on "Amazing Spider-Man 2."

Women are driving the social media conversation at Comic-Con, according to a recent study, and have embraced cosplay more each year, as Morrow found in this series of short interviews.

You can't have Comic-Con without preview night, a parade of toys and other merchandise on the convention floor.

Here's writer Jane Espenson ("Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Battlestar Galactica," "Once Upon a Time") and a representative for the Girl Scouts at a panel on bullying the last day of Comic-Con for the year.


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