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Commuters push 32-ton train car off trapped woman in Japan

Commuters push train to free woman
Commuters push train to free woman


    Commuters push train to free woman


Commuters push train to free woman 00:54

Story highlights

  • A woman fell in a gap between a commuter train and platform near Tokyo
  • 40 passengers and staff members push a 30,000-kilogram train car to free her
  • The woman was not seriously injured
Even during Tokyo's notoriously hectic rush hour, dozens of commuters stopped to push a 32-ton train car out of the way.
A woman trying to get off a train in Saitama, north of Tokyo, fell in a gap between the train and the platform Monday morning, said Takashi Tsukahara, a spokesman for the train operator JR East.
About 40 passengers and JR staff rushed to push the train off the woman. Tsukahara said a train carriage typically weighs about 30,000 kilograms, but is able to sway a bit side to side to absorb the train's movements.
The commuters pushed the train just enough to free the woman. A loud cheer erupted as the woman was pulled up.
The woman, in her 30s, was not seriously injured.
Just eight minutes later, the train took off again.