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Official: 11 police, 1 civilian wounded in Egypt bombing

Story highlights

  • An explosion occurs near a police building in Mansoura, state TV reports
  • A police official details the number of those injured in the blast
  • The Muslim Brotherhood's political wing condemns the attack
  • Egypt has been on edge just before and since Mohamed Morsy's ouster as president

A bomb exploded overnight Tuesday near a police station in Egypt's Nile Delta region, wounding 11 police and one civilian, an official said on state television.

The blast went off around midnight Tuesday at a police building in Mansoura, which is about 125 kilometers (78 miles) north of Cairo and 175 kilometers east of Alexandria, according to state TV.

Said Omara, a police official, detailed the 12 casualties a short time later, at which point it was already Wednesday morning in Egypt.

The Freedom and Justice Party -- the political wing at the Muslim Brotherhood, which has been at odds with Egypt's leadership since the ouster of then President Mohamed Morsy -- issued a state early Wednesday critical of the bombing.

"The Freedom and Justice Party condemns violence in all its forms including the bombing in Mansoura," the party said in a statement. "Our agenda is peaceful and we do not accept any attacks"

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The violence is the latest to hit the volatile Middle Eastern nation in recent months, which began with mass protests opposing Morsy and then took a turn when military leaders forced him out of power.

    Dozens have been reported killed and thousands injured since his ouster, some of them in confrontations with authorities and others in clashes with those on the other side of the political spectrum.

    On Monday, for instance, one person died and 26 others were injured in clashes between supporters and opponents of Morsy near Cairo's Tahrir Square, an emergency official said.