NHL All Star Game Fast Facts


(CNN)Here's a look at the National Hockey League (NHL) All-Star Game.

January 31, 2016 - The NHL All-Star Game is held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. The Atlantic Division defeats the Metropolitan Division 4-3 in the semifinal to advance to the final. The Pacific Division defeats the Central Division 9-6 to advance. The Pacific team defeats the Atlantic team 1-0 in the inaugural three-on-three All-Star tournament final. John Scott is named the MVP.
Other Facts:
The All-Star Game is sponsored by Honda.
2016 brings a format change, where the teams play three-on-three in a tournament, in games lasting 20 minutes.
Fans vote online to select the captains of four divisions. The player with the most votes in his division wins.
The NHL Hockey Operations Dept. selects the remaining 40: six forwards, three defensemen and two goalies per team, for a total of 44 All-Stars. There are 11 players on each team.
    The division representatives in the Western (Central and Pacific) and Eastern (Atlantic and Metropolitan) conferences play, then the winners face off for the championship.
    2016 NHL All-Star Team Captains:
    Atlantic Division: Jaromir Jagr, forward, Florida Panthers
    Central Division: Patrick Kane, forward, Chicago Blackhawks
    Metropolitan Division: John Tavares, center, New York Islanders (replaces Alex Ovechkin who did not play)
    Pacific Division: John Scott, forward, Arizona Coyotes
    October 13, 1947 -
    The first NHL All-Star Game is played in Toronto. The defending Stanley Cup team played a selection of players from the league's other teams.
    1966-1967 - The All-Star Game is moved from the start of the season to mid-season.
    1979 - The All-Star Game is replaced with a game pitting NHL stars against players from the Soviet Union. This happens again in 1987.
    1995 - The All-Star Game is canceled due to a labor dispute.
    1998 - The format of the All-Star Game is changed again. North American stars play against a group of all-stars from around the world. This format lasts for five years.
    2005 - The All-Star Game is canceled due to a labor dispute.
    2006, 2010, 2014 - No All-Star Game due to the Winter Olympics.
    2011 - The format of the All-Star Game changes from a conference vs. conference format to a fantasy draft format.
    2013 - The All-Star game is canceled due to a labor dispute.
    January 25, 2015 - The NHL All-Star Game is held in Columbus, Ohio. Team Toews defeats Team Foligno 17-12, in the highest scoring All-Star Game in history.
    November 2015 - The format changes again, to a three-on-three tournament between the four division teams.