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Karen breaks up over Gulf of Mexico

By Matt Smith, CNN
October 6, 2013 -- Updated 1704 GMT (0104 HKT)
  • NEW: Karen no longer a tropical cyclone, top winds drop to 30 mph
  • The storm is blowing eastward in the Gulf of Mexico
  • Karen could leave 1 to 3 inches of rain in parts of the central Gulf Coast and Southeast

(CNN) -- The remains of Tropical Storm Karen drifted over the northern Gulf of Mexico after the former cyclone fizzled out Sunday morning, forecasters reported.

After being downgraded from a tropical storm to a depression overnight, Karen broke up into disorganized remnants south of Louisiana, the Miami-based National Hurricane Center said. Top sustained winds had fallen to about 30 mph, and the system was blowing east without a well-defined center, the hurricane center reported.

The storm was still expected to drop between 1 and 3 inches of rain over the central Gulf Coast and Southeast through Monday, raising the possibility of localized coastal flooding, but all storm warnings were discontinued late Saturday.

Karen formed on Thursday between Cuba and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula with 65-mph winds. By Friday, its top winds had fallen to 40 mph, and forecasters said it wouldn't develop into a hurricane.

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