Director Michael Bay freezes up at CES

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  • Film director Michael Bay is behind movies including the "Transformers" series
  • He was on stage to help promote Samsung's new curved TV at the CES show
  • The five-day conference in Las Vegas is the world's top tech gadget show
  • Bay appeared to get stage fright, apologizing and walking off, blaming the teleprompter

Movie mogul Michael Bay has grappled with giant robots, rogue meteors and attacks on Pearl Harbor but one thing has defeated him: A presentation for a new TV at the world's top gadget trade show.

Bay has described getting stage fright at the Consumer Electronics Show, walking away after a teleprompter failed.

In a blog post on his website, the director -- whose films include the "Transformers" series -- wrote: "Wow! I just embarrassed myself at CES..."

Bay had been lending his name to Samsung's new 105-inch curved UHD television, unveiled at the five-day CES tech conference in Las Vegas.

"My job, as a director, is I get to dream for a living," he began, describing Hollywood as a place that "creates a viewer escape."

Bay continued: "And what I try to do is I ... uhhh, the type is all off -- sorry, but I'll just wing this." With prompting from Samsung Executive Vice President Joe Stinziano, he went on: "We'll wing it right now. I try to take people on an emotional ride and ..."

When Stinziano asked how the product would impact Bay's work, the director exited the stage, apologizing.

Curved, 4K TVs hot at CES 2014
Curved, 4K TVs hot at CES 2014


    Curved, 4K TVs hot at CES 2014


Curved, 4K TVs hot at CES 2014 03:23
CES Now vs. Then
CES Now vs. Then


    CES Now vs. Then


CES Now vs. Then 01:21

'Zombie' attacks Michael Bay on 'Transformers 4' set

In his blog, Bay said he had been too eager to speak.

"I just got so excited to talk, that I skipped over the Exec VP's intro line and then the teleprompter got lost.

"Then the prompter went up and down -- then I walked off. I guess live shows aren't my thing."

Comments posted below Bay's message ranged from support and praise to criticism of his reliance on a teleprompter.

A brand new (Michael) Bay

Users of the social media network Twitter also weighed in.

The Funny or Die account wrote: "Michael Bay stormed off stage at CES after his teleprompter broke. No script, big explosion & a disappointed audience. Dude's still got it!"

But filmmaker Zak Bagans wrote:"Leave Michael Bay alone, some of the most talented and creative ppl in the world suffer from anxiety and stage-fright."

Samsung's media release announcing the new curved television didn't mention Bay.

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