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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford: I drank a little with my friends before latest video

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    Toronto mayor slams police in new video

Toronto mayor slams police in new video 03:44

Story highlights

  • In latest video, Rob Ford speaks at times with a Jamaican accent
  • He told reporters that he did drink but didn't do any drugs
  • He admitted in November that he had smoked crack, drank too much in past
  • He had vowed not to drink alcohol any more

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to drinking again after a video posted on social media showed him babbling about the city's police chief Monday night while he was at a fast food restaurant.

The mayor, who had pledged to refrain from alcohol, stopped briefly to talk to reporters Tuesday when he was asked about the video that shows him incoherently talking to customers at a Steak Queen in Rexdale.

"I was with some friends and what I do with my personal life, and with my personal friends, that's up to me," he said.

The mayor said he only had a little bit to drink and didn't do drugs Monday.

In the video, which lasts 66 seconds, Ford speaks at times in Creole with a Jamaican accent. He is dressed in a suit and tie, with his back to the counter. He uses a profanity at the beginning of the clip to describe Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair.

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    Toronto mayor denies attempt to buy tape

Toronto mayor denies attempt to buy tape 02:26

It's the latest embarrassment for Ford, infamous for admitting he smoked crack and drank too much. Ford has denied being an addict.

    Documents: Criminal suspects claimed Rob Ford tried to buy damaging video

    Ford's saga began in May, when allegations emerged that he appeared to be smoking crack cocaine on a pipe on cell phone video taken months earlier, in winter 2012.

    After initially denying that he had smoked the drug, he admitted in November that he did. The city council later voted to strip him of most of his power as mayor, reducing him to primarily a figurehead.

    Ford has ignored calls for him to resign or enter rehab and has said he will run for re-election in October.

    A man of contrasts, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford leads his 'nation' in controversy