Davos: World Economic Forum in numbers

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Story highlights

WEF contributes CHF 45M ($50M) to the Davos economy and CHF 70M to Switzerland

Overall, 2,500 delegates traveled to Davos from more than 100 countries around the world

The average temperature in the town of Davos is -5°C in January and 17°C in July

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Business leaders, heads of government, entrepreneurs and even the odd celebrity are rubbing fur and down-quilted shoulders at Europe’s highest altitude town, Davos, for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

Here’s all you need to know about the meeting, the town and those lucky enough to be invited.

The town

At 1,560 meters Davos is the highest town in Europe, its population is more than 11,000. Its average temperature is -5°C/23°F in January and 17°C/62°F in July.

The meeting is beneficial to the city: its CO2 levels fall on average up to 30% during the annual meeting, thanks to controls on vehicle emissions and the use of electric transport.

Moreover, the annual meeting contributes CHF 45 million ($50M) to the local Davos economy and CHF 70 million ($77M) to Switzerland’s economy overall.

The attendees

250 top political leaders and heads of international organizations attend the forum, this year, 40+ of them are current heads of state or government.

The security is tight – although the organizers do not release specific information, it is estimated that around 4,000 Swiss troops, police and security personnel guard the town.

Accreditation, which is necessary for anyone attending, costs $20,000.

The youngest participant is 21-year-old Umar Anwar Jahangir, a “Global Shaper” from Islamabad, who heads Bahria Medics, a student-run social welfare organization.

At the other end of the age range is Shimon Peres, President of Israel, at 90.

Overall, 2,500 delegates traveled to Davos from more than 100 countries.

That’s five times as many as the first time the event was held in 1971, when only 444 participated.

However, just 15% of this year’s guests are female

The meeting

Only once was the annual meeting held outside of Davos: In 2002, in New York, as a gesture of solidarity after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

There are four World Economic Forum bureaus around the world: The headquarters in Geneva, and in New York, Beijing, and Tokyo.

This year, the WEF program includes more than 250 events, organized by nearly 500 staff members, and covered by more than 500 journalists, who had to submit their applications nearly three months in advance.

CNN itself sent nearly 40 reporters, producers, cameramen and crew.

More than 2 million people follow the WEF on Twitter.

Davos: All you need to know to be a delegate