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Plane hits parachute

Story highlights

  • A Cessna doing "touch and goes" gets caught in a parachute and cuts the cords
  • Skydiver is thrown to the ground from 75 feet in the air
  • The Cessna makes a nose dive to the ground
  • Neither the pilot nor the skydiver is seriously injured
A Cessna collided with a parachute at a small airport in Polk County, Florida, on Saturday.
The plane took a nose dive, and the skydiver was thrown to the ground.
Neither the pilot nor the skydiver were seriously injured when they fell about 75 feet, according to the Polk County Sheriff's Office.
Sharon Trembley was doing what are called "touch and goes" with the Cessna, a maneuver in which the plane touches the ground and ascends again. The Polk County Sheriff's Department initially identified the pilot as Shannon Trembley.
On the pilot's third time up, one wing became tangled in the strings of the parachute that held 49-year-old John Frost, officials said.
Plane collides with skydiver midair
Plane collides with skydiver midair


    Plane collides with skydiver midair


Plane collides with skydiver midair 01:23
The pilot and parachutist were taken to a hospital. Frost was treated and released, and Trembley was being held for observation on Saturday night.
Officials said the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration were notified and responded to the scene.