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CNN Student News  — 

March 18, 2014

Subjects covered today include the Middle East conflict, sanctions on some Russian officials, two recent earthquakes, and a theory about a missing passenger plane. You’ll also meet a drummer who, after losing part of his arm, gained new abilities thanks to robotics.

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Media Literacy Question of the Day:

How might different forms of media be used to inform people in the aftermath of an earthquake?

Key Concepts: Identify or explain these subjects you heard about in today’s show:

1. Mahmoud Abbas

2. Benjamin Netanyahu

3. radar

Fast Facts: How well were you listening to today’s program?

1. Who is Mahmoud Abbas? Who is Benjamin Netanyahu? Why have both of these leaders visited President Obama in recent weeks? What are some sources of disagreement between Abbas and Netanyahu?

2. How have the U.S. and the European Union responded to the Crimea vote? Who is being penalized by these sanctions? How has Russia responded?

3. What country was struck by the largest earthquake ever recorded? How strong was the earthquake that struck off the coast of Chile on Sunday? How strong was the quake that hit Los Angeles, California, on Monday morning? According to the video: What should you do if you are inside a building during an earthquake? What should you do if you’re outside?

4. What theory is one Malaysian newspaper examining regarding Malaysia Airlines Flight 370? According to the video, what challenges might exist for a pilot attempting to evade radar in a mountainous area? How would the plane “warn” the pilot that it was flying too low? What other big difference exists between the simulator exercise and the conditions under which Flight 370 was actually flying?

5. What musical instrument does Jason Barnes play? What did scientists at Georgia Tech create to help him continue to play after his accident? How does this device work?

Discussion Questions:

1. Why do you think that several U.S. presidents have made Middle East peace a priority? What are some ways in which a U.S. president could promote peace in the Middle East? Why do you think that in spite of these efforts, a lasting peace in the region has not been achieved?

2. What theories about the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 can be tested in a flight simulator? What questions cannot be answered by these exercises? How might the use of the flight simulator help to rule out some theories behind the plane’s disappearance?

3. Have you seen other ways in which robotic devices are improving the lives of people with disabilities? Explain.

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