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St. Patrick's Day storm brings snow to East Coast

By Ed Payne, CNN
March 17, 2014 -- Updated 1816 GMT (0216 HKT)
  • 10 inches of snow reported at Dulles airport; a town in Virginia gets more than a foot
  • Federal workers get the day off in Washington, and the National Zoo is closed
  • Schoolkids get another snow day amid winter storm warnings and advisories

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(CNN) -- Folks along the East Coast from North Carolina to New Jersey who were hoping for a green St. Patrick's Day are getting a white one instead.

Snow and sleet fell Monday from western North Carolina to central New Jersey. Snow also fell across portions of southeast Pennsylvania.

Three days ahead of the official start of spring, Washington was bearing the brunt of another storm.

Ten inches of snow was reported at Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia, and 6 inches have fallen at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

Winter storm warnings and advisories are in place for much of the Mid-Atlantic, from North Carolina to southern New Jersey. The snow was expected to taper off Monday afternoon, the National Weather Service said.

The highest reported snowfall total was 13.5 inches at Singers Glen, Virginia.

In Washington, schoolkids and federal workers got another snow day thanks to the late winter storm. Classes were canceled in six area counties.

The National Zoo is closed, too, leaving the animals free to roam in the snow without any prying eyes.

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