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Buying property: Silly money or sound investment?

July 11, 2014 -- Updated 0423 GMT (1223 HKT)

Global property prices What's your view?

Some think buying property today is a sound investment while others worry about real estate bubbles. Help CNN International to build a global picture of attitudes to property markets.

Answer the seven simple questions and see how others are responding.

Firstly, are you in ?


How old are you?

Do you own a property?


Do you agree that property prices reflect value for money where you live?

Strongly agree
Don't agree
Strongly disagree
Change my choices

Right now, is property the best long-term investment where you live?

Strongly agree
Don't agree
Strongly disagree

Are you confident that property where you live will be worth more in five years than it is now?

Very confident
Not confident
Very unconfident

Do you think there is a risk of a property bubble developing in your area?

No, not at all
No, probably not
Yes, probably
Yes, definitely
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Results are indicative of the views of users and may not reflect public opinion

How results are calculated

Disclaimer: All information is supplied anonymously. It will be used in the results pages of, and reporting about, this interactive.

Graphic: Dean Irvine, Eoghan Macguire, Nural Choudhury, Nav Garcha and Jenny Wong Illustration: Inez Torre

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