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The most brutal (and funny) Germany vs. Brazil tweets

Story highlights

  • Brazil's stunning loss to Germany in World Cup inspired a flood of tweets
  • They range from standard sports trash talk to pop culture references
  • One gem: "I just took the poll, Which German Goal Against Brazil Are You? I'm #6!"

You had to feel sorry for the home team when host country Brazil got trounced 7-1 by Germany in their World Cup final match on Tuesday.

Unless you're Twitter. If you're Twitter, it was open season on the hapless squad, and the more brutally funny you were about the shocking blowout, the better.

We've rounded up some of our favorites, but are sure we didn't see them all. If you saw a particularly successful shot on goal -- and there was no shortage of those Tuesday -- share it with us in the comments below.

Our favorite zings centered around a few themes (out of appreciation for our German friends, no World War II material will be included, though there was plenty). They included ...

Straight-up trash talk

@BitterOldPunk How do you say, "Brazil got their ass kicked" in Portuguese?

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    @TheTweetOfGod The destruction of the Amazon is complete. #WorldCup

    @DrunkTedTurner Germany gets 10 goals, everyone in the stadium gets a free taco. And riot gear shield. #worldcup

    @DavidEpstein in dog goals, it's 49-0

    @rustyrockets They'll have 5 mins added on for the time Cesar has spent picking the ball out of the net.

    @psmith If only there was a German word for schadenfreude

    Pop culture references

    @jearle "Brazil, the Lannisters send their regards." - Germany.

    @mickmcavoy The last time I saw a Brazil this bleak it was getting directed by Terry Gilliam

    @Ihnatko ‏This seems like the right time to use the classic "Yank down the opposing teams' pants and then run back to the bus and split" play.

    @DarthRachel it's ok Brazil, you still have a chance if you catch the Snitch!


    Web and tech culture

    @papadimitriou #GER #BRA You Won't Believe What Happened Next.

    @JustinRood I just took the poll, Which German Goal Against Brazil Are You? I'm #6!

    @lfrum Is Brazil's controller plugged in? Check the batteries? #BrazilvsGermany #WorldCup

    @ditzkoff At 7 goals, the World Cup scoreboard just goes to the Donkey Kong kill screen

    One (sarcastic) silver lining

    @bjnovak And the saddest part is there's probably no fun ways to cheer yourself up in Brazil

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